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What Our Clients say...

"...I've noticed a change in Tom.  You've helped him to understand that the power and confidence to make changes in overcoming shyness comes from within... I cannot thank you enough..."


"...Committee meetings are no longer a worry, I can speak firmly and with more self-assurance..."


"...A brilliant hour well spent and gave me the confidence to go out and speak to an audience, thank you..."

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Welcome to Spotlight Communication

For more than ten years we have been teaching straightforward techniques to enable people to communicate more effectively at work and in social situations.

Personalised coaching sessions with Spotlight Communication are tailored to your individual needs and address your goals and aspirations.

Whether you are facing a spoken exam or delivering a board room pitch, making a TV interview or want to speak out more in any group situation we can help.

Let us help you to prepare for events that are likely to force you outside your comfort zone by contacting us to arrange your introductory session at our teaching studio in Sale, Manchester.