I've noticed a change in Tom. You've helped him to understand that the power and confidence to make changes in overcoming shyness comes from within.  He seems to have taken more responsibility for his social interactions. As a parent this is a very difficult area to help with. Tom really enjoyed your sessions.  Your skill in making him seem valued and inspired is evident. I cannot thank you enough.
Our sessions gave me the confidence to stand up in front of the audience and introduce the films at our Film Club. Committee meetings are no longer a worry, I can speakfirmly and with more self-assurance.
Thank you! Helped me in so many ways. ..Simply by showing me how to handle my nerves, before I’m even out of my seat! Gave me the correct posture to appear confidently, without the wobbles, then to begin to deliver speech.
You also provided me with some great subject matter through your skilful questions - helped achieve our aim on the night as we acquired some new recruits to the committee!